Adam Lee Harrington

Fine Art Painting graduate 2.1 of Brighton University. Highly creative and self disciplined, I am innovative and self motivated. Selected for Affordable Art Exhibition 2008 (1 of 15 students) I combine the flair to generate fresh ideas and approach problems with lateral thinking. A long range thinker, I also possess strong organizational skills, have long term goals and plan a structured course of action by prioritizing contributing factors. A high level of spatial awareness (successful snowboard instructor) I can work well individually and in a team.

Through my studies I have enhanced my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. These proficiencies have been acquired through the consistent delivery of oral and visual presentations and incessant self assessment. I approach all endeavors with tenacity, dedication and hard work.

Snow Series

This Snow Series is a relationship between paint and colour played out in front of you. There is a musicality that spreads through the work, from high colour to low-key nuances. Colour that shouts and whispers, that breathes, expands and contracts, creates boundaries and limitations yet dissolves out onto the wall. This is a landscape which is simultaneously familiar and unknown. These paintings force your eyes open and invites them to see.

I am an artist who uses landscape imagery, sourced through magazines and personal photography, as a device for creating fluid interactions between figurative and abstract forms. My inspiration is driven by snowboarding and the mountainous environment that is associated with the activity. I believe the strength in my work is grounded in the push and pull between the natural and the manufactured elements of this winter landscape. The sense of colour is strongly related to this juxtaposition. When painting I am attempting to re-enact the range and style of movement that is executed on a snowboard, whilst flowing through a fluid terrain, across the surface of the canvas.